Julius Caesar

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1970 remake of the William Shakespeare classic tale of the betrayal of the the Roman senate against their emperor.

Release Date: 3 February 1971 (USA)

Director: Stuart Burge

Writer: Robert Furnival (adaptation), William Shakespeare (play)

Cast: Jason Robards, John Gielgud, Richard Johnson, Diana Rigg, Robert Vaughn, Richard Chamberlain, Charlton Heston,Christopher Lee

Country: UK

Language: English

No playwright or screenwriter has touched as many lives as William Shakespeare. He was penning plays when Henry the VIII was still married to Anne Boleyn. Shakespeare later entertained the couple’s daughter in his legendary Globe Theater. One of the plays that were performed in the Globe Theater was Julius Caesar.

The story of Julius Caesar is one of the most famous assassinations in history. It is the result of one of the most famous love triangles in history.

Most people who are involved with movies dream of someday putting together their own production of a Shakespearean play. In 1953 director Joseph L. Mankiewicz got his opportunity, when he directed the movie version of the famous play. The movie was officially released on June 4th. Although the movie makes liberal use of Shakespeare’s original play, Mankiewicz also made the subtle changes needed to make the play more viewer friendly for movie goers.

Although Caesar and Antony were both believed to have originally fallen apart do to a mutual attraction to Egypt’s Cleopatra, the final reason for Mark Antony ordering the assassination is because the Roman believed that Caesar would become a tyrant, and would no longer have Rome’s best interests at heart.

It is impossible to imagine anyone being able to create a better version of Julius Caesar. The Mankiewicz version is amazing. Everything from the scenery, to the acting, to the costumes seemed to bleed together seamlessly together. The movie is a fascinating blend of history and drama. It also provides a great deal of insight into the way the life was when the Roman’s ruled the civilized world.

The casting of Julius Caesar was nothing short of inspired. The leading role of Mark Antony was cast to Marlon Brando. At the time this was a matter of a little concern. Critics and film fans were concerned that Brando would mumble his way through the script, making the dialog difficult to understand. Their concerns were not justified, not only did Brando clearly annunciate the entire dialog; he was even nominated as a leading man candidate by several awards committees. James Mason plays Brutus, Brutus, who eventually assassinates Julius Caesar. In addition to Brando and Mason, the film also stars John Gielgud, Deborah Kerr, Louis Calhern, and John Hoyt.

Julius Caesar has been richly praised by critics and movie goers. The movie has been rewarded for its brilliance with several prestigious awards. Julius Caesar won Oscars for Best Direction, Black and White film, and set decoration. It was nominated for Oscars in the categories of leading man, cinematography, musical score, and best picture. In addition to the Oscars, Julius Caesar also won BAFTA film awards for Best British Actor and Best Foreign Actor. It won the 1953 NBR award for best actor. It also won the 1954 Bodil for best American film.

Julius Caesar is 120 minutes long and is a black and white movie. While the film is in English viewers need to keep in mind that this is an adaptation of a Shakespearean play and the dialog is in Old English which can be a little more difficult to follow.


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