Maximum Impact

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A small town insurance salesman is terrorized by the corrupt men behind Huntsacker Industries after he witnesses the filming of a snuff movie.

Release Date: 1992 (USA)

Director: J.R. Bookwalter (as Lance Randas)

Writer: J.R. Bookwalter, Thomas Brown

Cast: Ken Jarosz, Jo Norcia, James Black,Michael Cagnoli

Country: USA

Language: English

What usually comes into people’s minds when they hear about independent films is that these artistic products are generally low-budget with substandard quality. Additionally, indie films also have this stereotypical image wherein they lack mostly of substance, possess eccentric themes, or they simply have similarities with other popular films.

Perceptible similarities

Ara Paiaya, somehow, lived up to the movie critics’ expectation on how independent movies actually look like. But then, this does not mean that all of Paiaya’s works turned out to be crappy and nonsensical. Even though most of his films possess conventional indie film characteristics, his undying effort to produce his own films still brought a bit of a brand new light towards the independent film industry. “Dubbed and Dangerous Trilogy” and “Death List” are just some of the movies previously produced by this fast-rising British action star and director. In addition, these films were released in the year 2004 and 2006, consecutively.

Second-rate film

In 2009, Paiaya generated yet another spectacular action and martial arts film which also became a big hit in the indie film scene. “Maximum Impact”, the British artist’s most recent masterpiece, is also a small-budget movie that still has a touch of amateurism in it.

One-man effort

The film’s mediocrity may be attributed to lack of an actual production team with many talented members. Paiaya literally did the entire job in which he conceptualized the most unique story he could come up with. The British indie actor wrote his script, choreographed his fight scenes, directed the whole movie, and he was even the one responsible for inserting sound and visual effects.

More practice required

“Maximum Impact” evidently had inadequate funds since he was able to get only a few people to perform in his movie. The worst part, however, is that the actors and actresses in his film needed a little bit more experience in acting. It had been utterly noticeable that artists in the movie were absolutely amateurs when it comes to this kind of activity. Furthermore, he had to include his wife in the film as his leading lady due to his lack of ample amount of budget that could have enabled him to produce a better quality action movie.

Incredible ideas

Regardless of the budget, Paiaya’s 2009 film still deserves a “five-star” rating because it can potentially go head on with other action films of the century. In some way, his serious attempt to create a magnificent, heart-throbbing film paid off as it was able to get the attention of many action-film-aficionados.

Moreover, Ara Paiaya is worthy enough to receive a round of applause because he was able to brilliantly fabricate intense and vigorous fight scenes all on his own. The British actor and his stunt men were able to efficiently make use of the Eastern martial arts as if it were their own.

Priceless pseudo battles

They brilliantly portrayed man-to-man battle pretty well and every move they made was perfectly calculated and choreographed. Each blow and thrust was carried out in, what seems to be, a very fast, fluid-like motion. This is probably one of the few good points of the movie that made it a little bit more like of a professionally-produced, high-quality film.


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    You are absolutely correct where I even thought low budget films meant that those movies were not good at all, but Thank you for enlightening me regarding that not all of Paiya’s work is crappy. I am very interested in seeing this film now, and it is now great to know that not all low budget films are not worth seeing.

    Thank you so much for this information!

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