Mega Shark Vs Giant Octopus

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The California coast is terrorized by enormous prehistoric Shark and Octopus battle for their supremacy of the sea.

Release Date: 26 May 2009 (USA)

Director: Jack Perez

Writer: Jack Perez

Cast: Lorenzo Lamas, Deborah Gibson, Vic Chao

Country: USA

Language: English

Written and directed by Jack Perez under the name of Ace Hannah, this unbelievingly amusing sci-fi is a tribute to sci-fi films of the 70’s, when special effects were mediocre and insignificant. You get to experience some of the silliest and most hilarious actions, not in the comic sense as such, but in the naïve way that they are done, but by the time the film gets halfway through, you are totally appalled by the scenes that take place as they get you hooked up to the end. Here we are looking at two gigantic creatures from the past, fighting over their territory, but in their battle they cause such great mayhem that the world seems to be almost on the brink of destruction.

Marine biologist Emma McNeil (Deborah Gibson) sets off in a submarine on a research mission and accidently comes across a huge block of ice and before she can make out anything of it, an unauthorized military operation breaks open the ice casing, releasing a gargantuan octopus and an equally massive shark, prehistoric animals from the past, both of which begin to wreak havoc on earth. The octopus is seen swatting a war craft with its tentacles as if it were getting rid of a mosquito or a fly. On the other hand, the shark gets hold of a 747 boeing by its mouth bringing it down with a jerk as if it were a mere toy.

The shark also takes a bite at the Golden Gate Bridge bringing it crashing down while the octopus pulls down a Japanese oil rig. There is complete chaos with people fleeing cities to save themselves from the terror of these two mighty beings. In the meantime, Emma gets in touch with her professor and mentor, Professor Lamar Sanders and they rope in Japanese scientist Dr Sheiji Shimada to find out how to get rid of this menace. The government in an attempt to stop the monsters from causing further damage, ask the three to help them and also send one of their powerful military personnel, Allan Baxter to be a part of the operation.

There is of course no way to destroy the enormous creatures, but to turn them against each other so that they can destroy the other. For this they have to lure the monsters further into the sea, so that they are taken far away from civilization to protect humans from further destruction. Although the making and presentation of the film from special effects to the script are all a bit amateurish, the film is not a pain to watch. In fact it keeps you engrossed in its own amusing way. It is not a film that will gross millions like blockbuster sci-fi films and it wasn’t made with the thought that it would, but it can hold the attention of viewers who like to be reminded of films like Godzilla.

The awesome shark and octopus attacks are far from believable, but Jack Perez has taken the risk to have them look so absurd, which is quite a brave attempt. One would think that such a film would only entertain the kids, but it is a pleasant film to watch for others too.


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