And God Created Woman

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Famous French director Roger Vadim remade his own 1950s movie in 1988

Release Date: 4 March 1988 (USA)

Director: Roger Vadim

Cast: Rebecca De Mornay, Vincent Spano, Frank Langella

Country: USA

Language: English

Famous French director Roger Vadim remade his own 1950s movie in 1988 starring Rebecca De Mornay as Robin Shea, a driven and reasonably callous woman who marries Billy Moran, a carpenter, largely to get out of jail. However the romance of her convenience is not to last long as she suddenly decided to pursue James, an older man who is in the running to be governor of the state. Robin is a complete anti hero of a character and it’s a brave decision to make such an unlike able user the centre of attention. De Mornay rises to the challenge, playing Robin with great gusto and clearly is not afraid to bare all for the cameras, something of a selling point when the movie was originally released!

And God Created Woman

And God Created Woman

Vadim proves his directing skill in this fun and entertaining movie, handling the nudity with great skill and taste and he gets the most out of his actors as well as showing a great command of the camera. De Mornay is excellent as Robin, somehow managing to make her likeable and as the film progresses the viewer finds themselves rooting for her (pun unintentional). In staunch support as Billy is Vincent Spano, an everyman who is used by his manipulative lover but despite that, finds that he is falling in love with her….never a good idea!

The always excellent Frank Langella puts in an appearance as the oklder Senator in waiting, another man who Robin decides she can use to her advantage in her quest to become a famous rock singer and a lot of the enjoyment to be had out of this movie is in seeing these two guys, with such contrasting backgrounds and personalities being skilfully wrapped around her little finger. Eve would have been proud of Robin and she certainly knows how to use sexual temptation to her advantage.

It’s a VERY 80s movie though fortunately, hailing from the latter part of the decade, we are spared some of the worst fashion disasters and are treated to an excellent rock soundtrack. This one really is a hidden gem, with a fine script and excellent and surprisingly sensual direction. It’s De Mornay’s film though, she walks off with all the acting plaudits and makes Robin a cleverly crafted and even sympathetic character. Recommended!


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