Cachorro (Bear Cub)

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Story of a gay dentist and the tribulations of his active social life, which came full circle when he had to take in a 9-year-old nephew.

Release Date: 27 February 2004 (Spain)

Director: Miguel Albaladejo

Cast: Miguel Albaladejo, Salvador García Ruiz

Country: USA

Language: Spanish

Cachorro is one of those Spanish movies that you would love watching over and over again. It has a heart, which is enough to solicit empathy. So at the end, you have an inspiring story to feel warm and good all around.

Cachorro is a story about a gay dentist named Pedro. He is at the height of his social life, having alone time at home and being able to have fun with his friends as much as he wants to. He is living in a downtown Madrid apartment, spiced with love, sex, and drugs. Pedro is definitely having the time of his life only to realize that his fun days will be cut short. That is, when his sister decided to have a trip to India and he is left to deal with his nephew Bernardo for the meantime.

Pedro and Bernardo did not come well together at first. But since the two-week vacation was extended to an indefinite duration of time – hippie sister and Bernardo’s mother was arrested in India for drug charges – they did not have any other choice but like each other. They also learned to know each other better as time goes by. Soon enough, they are already inseparable.

Cachorro (Bear Cub)

Cachorro (Bear Cub)

Thing is, it is never easy for Pedro to provide a father figure for Bernardo. Although he struggled, he is ready to change his ways and his lifestyle a bit only to find out that the boy’s grandmother will try to take custody, as she is not happy with the arrangement.

There are several strengths to the film. First, there is the magnificent direction. Director Miguel Albaladejo was able to tell his story and tell it nicely. His shots were able to picture out best what kind of emotion is supposedly in it. He is also able to get out the best of his talents.

That leads to another strength of Cachorro. The actors — Garcia Perez who plays Pedro and David Castillo who plays Bernardo – are both brilliant. They are able to portray their parts fabulously.

Then there’s the story. A nice mix of humor thrown into really serious issues is something that is enough for a full-packed entertainment. That’s Cachorro is out there for, to provide a nicely packaged entertainment that will make you laugh as much as it makes you cry.

A tale about family is always watch-worthy. What’s more when it is presented in a refreshing new way that would open up your minds. There is the tragic, moralistic, sentimental, and even comic ways that Director Albaladejo has chosen to deal with his subject. Fortunately for movie-loving fans like us, he was able to get across his point in a stylish manner. So you get a good watch out of a good story. Enough said.


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