Raging Hormones

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A beautiful sex crazy chick uses college-bound Peter Broadhurst as sex toy.

Release Date: 26 January 1999 (USA)

Director: Michael Dugan

Writer: Michael Dugan

Cast: Rob Goodman, Cliff Hodges, Philip C. Ruesch

Country: USA

Language: English

Raging Hormones movie has a seemingly great dream of pushing a young man to reach college sounds ideal. But the sex comedy theme of the movie would actually spell out a different story all together. This Michael Dugan film is definitely sexy but the comedy part would be a little relative. This depends on who would actually view it.

Even if it is Peter Broadhurst played by Topher Hopkins is the main character. The movie actually has more characters that stand out. Mother, Della Hobby has a great dream for her 18-year old high school graduate son. She wants him to be the first one to go to college in their clan. This sounds like an ideal dream from a mother but then, how normal can your mother really be?

Hobby played as the Supermarket queen, followed by the memorable scene of a red tight fitting top plus a matching red tight bottom. The scene would definitely define the mother image in this bizarre movie. The best friend is also probably one remarkable character in the movie. As a matter of fact, there are moments that the best friend has the upper hand.

The movie revolves around the all too important college admission to the State University. This would be a great future for Peter, but then, one more remarkable character comes into play, no pun intended. Sally Johnson played by Darlene Demko has made quite an impression as she makes inexperienced Peter into a boy toy. Her play is more of a fetish game as she plays with Peter together with her girlfriend.

As the title aptly puts it, ranging hormones made an appearance and makes all the dreams into a battle. Peter’s ranging hormone speaks for the unforgettable line: “If this is the road to hell, then give me a Porsche and eat my dust”.

There is high logic especially in the natural reactions of the mother, the 18-year old child and even the father played by Anthony Cornacchione. As a matter of fact, even the Sally dear, has logic somewhere.

Raging Hormones film has an unbelievably good sound quality plus a good show of colors and wardrobe. Overall, the movie is an eye candy. The hilarious moments can also be extreme but you would need to be at least 16 to appreciate the comedy and sexual contents.

Still, if the plot is to be taken into account. It would actually be a tad higher than most sex comedy films. Michael Dugan, writer and director, makes a funny; almost fell off my seat type of movie while keeping a defined line from character to character. There is a good set of supporting characters that even fillers do not feel boring.

As interesting as it is, there is no need for deep analysis. No mind-boggling puzzle, but just some clear hearty laughs that would do great if you plan to de-stress your mind. Many would have rated the movie just a 3 in a scale of 5, but for the sex comedy category, it would definitely go up to 5.


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