Wet Heat

Comedy Jan 14, 2011 No comments

Another film from talent vacuum Chris Siever featuring his ever inventive, witty and watchable character of Teenape.

Release Date: 20 May 2008 (USA)

Director: Chris Seaver

Writer: Chris Seaver

Cast: Casey Bowker, Billy Garberina, Kurt Indovina, Jesse Ames, Meredith Host

Country: USA

Language: English

Too harsh an opening sentence? Oh alright then. Having been badly burned viewing another of Siever’s epics, I approached this with caution and a pair of industrial robot arms and must admit that while hardly a classic in my eyes, it was more watchable than some of his other work.

The plot concerns the kidnapping of La Femme De La Douche (Oh the hilarity) and the governments attempts to rescue her. Teenape, who at the start of the film ends up in jail, is brought out and sent off to get her back. I’m not sure personally how these people got elected but what do I know about politics. With his freedom granted to him if he succeeds, teenape sets off into a sort of adventure that appears to mainly be there to spoof the movie “Escape From New York” and if that is the case, it actually does it rather well on some occasions. The dialogue, although loaded with the usual repetitive innuendo, does actually have some sparkling none liners in it this time which raised a smile.

Siever has upped the ante with his performers this time too and again while none of them are aver going to win an Oscar, or indeed a serious acting career, they are at least competent enough to speak the right words in vaguely the right direction, all of which helps in the suspension of disbelief….nah, okay, there’s no chance of suspending your disbelief for a second in this movie but then it doesn’t expect you to, any more than the other movies in the Troma genre. And as with most of that genre, it’s always good to see that there is a thriving alternative to the Hollywood mega budgeted epic.

Don’t expect groundbreaking special effects of breathtaking production values , this is a movie which is made on a micro budget and as usual it shows. Still, it’s a much better attempt than any of Siever’s previous works and does show that he seems to be learning as he goes along. It would be interesting to see what he could do with a proper budget and maybe a script editor, but for the time being this is as good as he is likely to get. Worth a watch, it’s a diverting enough film, though hardly a laugh a minute.


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