A Hole in My Heart

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The idea appears to be far-fetched in a sense but the 2004 Swedish film “A Hole in My Heart” made its breakthrough against what is considered to be as a conventional reality-themed film.

Release Date: 17 September 2004 (Sweden)

Director: Lukas Moodysson

Writer: Lukas Moodysson

Cast: Thorsten Flinck, Björn Almroth, Sanna Bråding

Country: Sweden, Denmark

Language: Swedish

The idea appears to be far-fetched in a sense but the 2004 Swedish film “A Hole in My Heart” made its breakthrough against what is considered to be as a conventional reality-themed film. Eccentricity may not even be used to describe how the writer and director, Lukas Moodyson, created this sensual movie, which later earned different reactions from well-known film critics of this era.

Imperceptible beauty

Popularity of the “A Hole in My Heart” in Sweden may be based on the controversies that revolve around it. Its theme had been the center of disapprovals from various groups as it featured innumerable scenes that were deemed to be insignificant and ostentatious.

Hål i mitt hjärta, Ett, as it is locally known in Sweden, depicted exaggerated inhumanity and sensuality that resulted to viewer’s lost of interest towards Moodyson’s newest masterpiece. Many people who had the chance to watch this disastrous film believed that “A Hole in My Heart” had been unpleasant due to all the inconceivably disturbing scenes.

Misshapen plot

“A Hole in My Heart” revolved around four different characters and the lives of these people were all deeply attached to world of pornography. Swedish amateur pornographer named Rickard, which was portrayed by Thorsten Flinck, and his son Eric remained locked up in one of the rooms of their apartment most of the time. However, this had been consistently done by the teenager just to mask the real events that were happening inside their lone apartment.

Rickard, together with Geko (Goran Marjanovic) and Tess (Sanna Bråding), inconspicuously created the novice sexually and adult-themed film in the privacy of the apartment rooms. Meanwhile, Rickard’s son continued to stay out of his father’s business in all ways possible.

Masked reality

This Swedish film had apparently depicted nonsensical themes of sex and boundless perversion. However, it still included family issues between a father and his son, which was considered incompatible with the real intention of the movie. Eric incessantly struggled on how his father dealt with the woman in his pornographic film. On the other hand, the aged pornographer remained troubled about his son’s lack of respect towards him.

Intolerable and disgusting

Regardless of the minute details that were carelessly inserted all throughout the explicit film, “A Hole in My Heart” maintained its place beneath the spotlight. The spectators were appalled by all the disconcerting pictures that were shown in this movie. Some of the unfavorable scenes included in the movie are the following: filming of an on-going vaginal reconstruction surgery, genuine sadistic sex scenes, as well as lascivious acts like masturbation while utilizing a toothbrush.

Unsuccessful parade

In entirety, “A Hole in My Heart” turned out to be an absolute fail due to various factors like the movie’s style in which the narration flooded and clouded Moodyson’s magnum opus. But then, most of the negative feedbacks were directed towards the outright illustration of unsettling ideas that were neither wise nor stimulating. However, Moodyson still received words of appreciation from certain critics due to his determination to experiment on new things and his guts to set his foot away from the average.


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