Children of the Night

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Fact-based drama about a sociology graduate who starts working with teen prostitutes in Hollywood.

Release Date: 26 October 1985 (USA)

Director: Robert Markowitz

Writer: William Wood (story), Vickie Patik (teleplay)

Cast: Kathleen Quinlan, Nicholas Campbell, Mario Van Peebles

Country: USA

Language: English

With the exception of the Twilight movies that have swept the country and made vampires a household name, this type of genre has had a fairly tough time breaking into the mass market. Several movies in this genre have attempted to become a breakthrough with little success. Hiring big name actors to carry the movie, they only end up in failure. One movie that has managed to become a cult favorite, and create its own fan base, is called Children of the Night.

A vampire/horror movie, Children of the Night is one of those experiences that can be enjoyed by the entire family. Many times people have said that they sit and watch this movie over and over with their family instead of having to find time late at night when no other eyes can see it. Even though it’s not a huge blockbuster success, this B-type movie has been gradually finding a home within the vampire genre and horror movie category overall.

Set in the small town of Allburg, the movie begins within an old church where you can actually swim in some of the old crypts. The two girls, who are played by Ami Dolenz and Maya McLaughlin, then reawaken an old vampire who is set free upon the town. Children of the Night is a typical vampire movie where the humans of the town are overrun and have to fend for themselves to outlast the night.

A neat little twist to the movie involves both Peter DeLuise, who is son of comedic actor Dom DeLuise and Karen Black. DeLuise plays a priest who has heard several stories of the Allburg church, and the vampires of ancient lore, and visits the town to check things out for himself. As he enters the town he is met by Lucy (Ami Dolenz) who has just escaped the old church with her life. DeLuise, who plays Mark Gardner, eventually captures a vampire played by Black. The great part of all this is the way that Black torments that priest with her screams and tantrums.

The contrast between the vampires and the humans is striking. In true vampire fashion, they are forceful, forthright, and completely unhindered. On the other hand, the humans are cautious and unassuming. This contrast is quite striking, and you as the viewer, find yourself eventually taking sides with one or the other. While the town is becoming overrun with the vampires, you will become entranced with the eventual outcome and finding yourself actually hoping that dawn comes quickly for the townspeople.

Children of the Night was written by Nick Falacci and directed by Tony Randel. Together the two have captured a great vampire story with even better visuals. This combination has given Children of the Night two nominations for two different awards. One was for Best Horror Film for a Saturn Award, while the other nomination was from the International Fantasy Film Award for Best Film. If you are into vampire movies, and want something more than the teen drama of Twilight, you will find yourself watching Children of the Night several times.


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