Days of Glory

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World War II story of soldiers of African descent who trooped to France in order to help the French soldiers in their fight against the Nazis.

Release Date: 30 March 2007 (UK)

Director: Rachid Bouchareb

Writer: Rachid Bouchareb, Olivier Lorelle

Cast: Samy Naceri, Roschdy Zem, Sami Bouajila

Country: Algeria, France, Morocco, Belgium

Language: French,Arabic

Awards: Cannes Film Festival, Valladolid International Film Festival, César Awards, Lumiere Awards, Étoiles d'Or

A soldier’s tale is always interesting; the tales about war have made lots of money in the box office. The French production Days of Glory is one of those films that capitalized on the riveting story of heroic soldiers who brave not just the wars but also the challenge of everyday life.

The Cast

Unlike many other films, Days of Glory is not concentrated to just one character. The film is a film of men – men who make up the complex personalities and fate, which makes Days of Glory a must-watch.

There’s Bernard Blancan who plays Sergeant Martinez and Sami Bouajila who plays Corporal Abdelkader. Some of the more notable actors also include Jamel Debbouze who plays Said, Assad Bouab who plays Larbi, and Samy Nacéri who plays Yassir, among others.

The Production

Days of Glory is created by genius director Rachid Bouchareb and is written in French (with English subtitles) by Olivier Lorelle. It was produced by a number of French companies including France 2 Cinema, France 3 Cinema, Canal Plus, La Petite Reine, and Versus Productions among others. This French production, which is originally known as Indigenes in its homeland, was released in 2006, was rated R for combat violence and brief language, and has garnered $317,594 at the U.S. Box Office.

The Story

Days of Glory is a story of soldiers of African descent who trooped to France in order to help the French soldiers in their fight against the Nazis during the World War II. They have compassionately fought for the motherland, although it is not their own, but that is not enough to keep them from being humiliated within the army.

The soldiers, therefore, had so much more to work for aside from battling it out with the Nazis. They needed to strive for equality but not without having to face a tough challenge.

The Verdict

Days of Glory would not be Algeria’s official entry to the Oscar Awards as Best Foreign Language Film for nothing. It is a great war movie, chronicling not just the big battle but also the small battles that soldiers have to face on a day-to-day basis. It asks the big question of how much the motherland owes to the soldiers who go into battle to protect it. Is it just about the pension? For the North African soldiers, respect will pay as good for their courage.

Cinematically, Days of Glory is a natural work of art. Every scene should not be missed; every sequence tells a beautiful, enthralling tale. Editing and cinematography are excellent. The acting unit is first class.

The complexity of characters are faithfully depicted by the actors who breathe alive each personality with grace and power. The Cannes Film Festival was right for considering the whole unit of actors for the Best Male Performance award. Not one soldier character stood out. Each and every character and how it was portrayed was actually the film’s greatest strength. Days of Glory was able to tell its story well because the characters are able to render their acts well.


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