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Story of four leftists individuals living in Catalonia during 1968 to 1969.

Release Date: 21 April 2006 (Spain)

Director: Roger Gual

Writer: Javier Calvo, Roger Gual

Cast: Juan Diego, Silvia Munt, Eusebio Poncela

Country: Spain, Argentina

Language: Spanish

Each person has a unique story of life and this can never be deemed as something boring or uninteresting. Moreover, movies do not only feature lives that are all fictitious and fake as it has been demonstrated by the movie director Roger Gual in his 2006 Spanish film entitled “Remake”.

Unparalleled movie

“Remake” became popular among Spain’s movie aficionados since it leaped forward and away from exhausted movie genres of the present century. Unlike other films, Gual’s masterpiece was created with mixture of mysterious ideas that definitely attracted the enthusiasts of his country.

The exquisiteness of the film “Remake” is a product of the joint efforts of two extremely talented individuals of Spain’s movie industry, Roger Gual and his co-writer Javier Calvo. Their creative minds were able to generate a high-quality drama film that can be described as eventful and meaningful at the same time. In addition, the team of experts produced such an incredibly intelligent dramatic film that mostly explores the ups and downs of the lives of people from one generation to another.

All about family

This 2006 movie is about four individuals living during the latter part of 1960s as leftists. Their lives have been strongly woven together and this allowed them to develop a small circle of hippie community consisting of two males and two females in a farmhouse situated at a certain area of Catalunya from the year 1968 to 1969. Their community’s activity is considered peculiar wherein they advocate the unconventional parenting method of rejecting discipline.

Parting ways

The group of friends, who had been militants at some point of their lives, got married and started a new life as a family. The two pairs of wedded couples had children during their marital life and they lived a life that is more than average with a lifestyle that is both prosperous and aristocratic.

Forty years had gone by and the members of the group uniformly decided to set up a date and meet again for a reunion in the farmhouse where they officially created their community. The get-together was made possible with the presence of the two pairs, their children, as well as Max (the other member of the circle).

Reminiscing the past

The reunion had been a great chance for them to recollect the events of the past as they gaze at their young selves in their ancient Super 8 mm film. The time they spent in the manor had been used to meet head-on the optimism they had when they were still youthful.

The already aged hippie faction members were also able to reflect on what their children turned into as they exhibited unpleasant behaviors. Their children apparently held their parents responsible for their inherent misery resulting from their bizarre parenting means. In addition, their children believed that their unsuccessful lives were the result of their parents’ strange ways of molding them while they were growing up.

Discovering oneself

“Remake” successfully touched the reality of life as these kinds of things truly occur and similar family issues also arise sometime in a person’s life. Furthermore, the movie was able to picture out that there are certain moments in the lives of older individuals when they try to remember significant episodes in their early years and consider what actually went wrong. Hence, viewers may be able to get a closer look at the meaning of life, the better view of growing old, and the ways one can enjoy life.

Unquestionably successful

Many critics and ordinary viewers gave the Spanish film a “two thumbs up” as it was able to provide a storyline that can touch the lives of countless of young and old people. Additionally, “Remake” became triumphant in the movie industry since it has a combination of a magnificent story with commendable and meaningful dialogues.

The movie would not turn into a big hit if not for the outstanding performances of some of the experienced actors and actresses of this era. The cast of the film includes the following: Juan Diego, Silvia Munt, Eusebio Poncela, Mercedes Morán, Mario Paolucci, and many more.


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