The Youth’s Story of Hope (Fuerte Apache)

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Story of a street child from North Africa who was brought to a residential center by the police.

Release Date: 26 January 2007 (Spain)

Director: Mateu Adrover

Writer: Mateu Adrover

Cast: Juan Diego, Lolita Flores, Miquel Bordoy

Country: Spain

Language: Spanish

People sometimes fail to appreciate drama movies that seem to be conventional and boring. In addition, viewers let good movies pass without having a chance to watch any of them. There are movies full of substance out there remain underrated since most individuals assume that they are not worth watching.

Underestimated film

Movie enthusiasts in Spain pay least attention to praiseworthy films which are definitely flooded with one too many meanings and life lessons that are significant to the lives of each individual. And, one of the many dramatic European films which had been thought too little of is the 2007 Spanish film known as “Fuerte Apache”.

Losing hope

“Fuerte Apache” is a Spanish film that tells a story about Tariq, a street child from North Africa who was brought to a residential center by the police. In this movie, the residential center served as a house for many homeless teenagers and these minors are being watched over by educators. However, the hope of the teachers for these ill-fated youthful individuals has been lost and there is no chance for it to be recovered.

The teachers in that local residential center got tired of believing in these children and they have already accepted the fact that there is no future for them. Tariq, the character played by Hamza El Hilali, came into picture and this changed the outlook of one of the skilled teachers named Toni Darder (Juan Diego).

Imminent future

Darder, an educator who left all his faith behind, found a kind of light in Tariq that he was not able to see on all the other children of the facility. He recognized that the child is completely opposite from all the teenagers whose lives are forever wasted. It was, then, when he finally accepted the reality that it would not hurt to regain his hope for a number of children in the residential center. Moreover, the perceptive teacher realized that Tariq truly deserved a second chance for a more promising life.

Overlooked beauty

“Fuerte Apache” may appear to have a very common kind of storyline but it absolutely has a distinct quality only if viewers would look closely. Some critics must have overlooked the excellent points of this one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Hence, the Spanish film did not get enough of the spotlight unlike some of the other movies that received wonderful reviews.

Grasping victory

One can say that “Fuerte Apache” became victorious in the Spanish film industry on its own unique way. The Spanish film earned a movie award and it was also nominated once in one of the most prestigious movie festivals in Spain.

The triumph of “Fuerte Apache” will not be possible if not for the undying efforts of the talented and hardworking movie director and writer named Jaume Mateu Adrover. Furthermore, the movie itself became this colorful and superb because of the magnificent acting skills of all the members of the cast. The team was able to get brilliant actors and actresses to take part in this outstanding movie and they are: Juan Diego, Lolita Flores, Miguel Bordoy, Eric Álvarez, Yorel Campos, and Hamza El Hilali.

Gaining renewed faith

“Fuerte Apache” is definitely a movie to watch because of the kind of inspiration that it can give to viewers. If one lost hope for the future then it would be best to take time and watch this excellent movie. A person will not only learn lessons of life but he or she will also have the chance to look at the brighter side of life. It will not hurt to see a life-changing movie once in a while, right?


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