Abomination: The Evilmaker II

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This indie film revolves around a couple of friends who went into the woods as one of them is experiencing tough times in their lives.

Release Date: 4 February 2003 (USA)

Director: John Bowker

Writer: John Bowker

Cast: Kylene Wetherell, Felicia Pandolfi, Jon Wilmot, Shannon

Country: USA

Language: English

This indie film revolves around a couple of friends who went into the woods as one of them is experiencing tough times in her life. The four ladies soon became lost in the dark woods as some supernatural forces came to haunt them. Slowly, each one of them, one after the other dies leaving them helpless and clueless of what is really going on.

One of them named Rachel, who was played by Felicia Pandolfi, was thought to be one of the victims who died. Her sister Kathy, played by Kylene Wetherell, was determined to seek out and find the truth no matter what happens and wherever it takes her to save her sister.

She then started to receive some disturbing visions from her sister Rachel. They seem to share some sort of psychic bond and because of this, she asked her other friend for help. His name is Charles played by John Wilmot, a police officer who was already dismissed from service. They later found themselves in a cabin along with other people including a gothic lady with psychic abilities and her friend. A couple also joined them in the house. They tried to solve the problem and later Kathy was sent to another dimension, in hell perhaps, to get her sister back. The two siblings carried out a plan to get rid of the evil forces.

Abomination: The Evilmaker II horror film is quite entertaining to watch keeping the audience curious of what will happen next. It is like one of the suspense thriller films that happen in a supposedly happy and exciting adventure of a group of friends, which end up in total chaos as bad things happen along the way.

It is a combination of murder, the supernatural, evil, and fear of the unknown. It is a stimulating film with problem solving scenes to fight what we cannot see or have never encountered before.

It is a serious movie with great intention to scare the audience. The movie is quite interesting to watch with some puzzles to solve in the story line that stimulates our minds on what is actually going on.

It was directed by independent film Director John Bowker. The casts also include Madam Vladmeria played by Shannon Barksdale, Paul by Warren E.B.B, Ms. Parker played by Betty Griffith, Rebecca by Kelly Loux, and Mike Johnson the action reporter played by Robert L. Summer.

This is a low budget film where you cannot expect superb acting from professionals and fantastic effects but somehow this film was satisfactory. It is not excellent but on the other hand, it is also not the worst compared to other indie low-budget films. It is quite creative with great ideas combined. It is still quite amusing to watch.

The sound effects are not of excellent quality but it was still able to cope up. The acting was satisfactory. The story also has a good focus on the entire film. It is not in total chaos and was still able to manage to pull things off and connect to the audience.


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