Bent Volume 2

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This is another low-budget horror movie by renowned independent film movie director Jason Santo.

Release Date: 2009

Director: Jason Santo

Writer: Jason Santo

Cast: Tina Krause, Jennifer Irizarry, Christopher Soroka, Paul Sarkis, Roman Berman

Country: USA

Language: English

Bent Volume 2 is another low-budget horror movie by renowned independent film movie director Jason Santo. It is another collection of three short stories combined in one great film. The stories include “The Dinner”, “Time heals All Wounds”, and “In a Sky with No Angels”.

In “The Dinner”, the plot of the story revolves around two couples gathered around for dinner. It is almost like Marisa in Bent Volume 1 where the film was like a pantomime. There are no dialogues, just plain acting. It showed issues about love and betrayal.

In the second story, “Time heals All Wounds”, a man played by Roman Berman, was still confused even after two years, of why his ex-girlfriend played by Alecia Batson, left him. He wished to freeze the time while he was trying to figure out the reason behind the break up as the saying goes, “Time heals all wounds”.

In the third film, “In a Sky with No Angels”, a woman named Sarah who was played by Kathy Nestor, has been out of high school for ten years.. She was then contacted by Paul played by Jason Santo himself. Paul was her admirer from high school. He was a total geek who became a scientist doing research about life and death and even the existence of God. He encountered some enemies along the way who were now running after him.

All these three short films were nicely done with good creativity and acting. The cast are not professional actors and actresses but they seem to pull it off somehow. In the first film, “The Dinner”, it has to rely solely on good acting itself as there were no dialogues at all. It helps us understand how little things such as subtle gestures and facial expressions give a whole lot of meaning to someone’s personality, thoughts, and even intentions. The film shows distrust and betrayal through nonverbal cues, which only the sensitive and observant would understand. I think it was intentionally portrayed in the absence of dialogues to make the audience concentrate and focus more on how mere gestures can create tension, mixed emotions, and issues among people. It may be simple but it gives out deep meaning which may dictate on how we actually deal and interact with people. Jason Santo and his cast were successful in delivering such a message.

The next film helps us realize of how precious time is and that we don’t hold our own time. It just comes and goes before we know it and that is why we need to cherish each moment of our lives. In the second film, a man wanted to replay time back to the moments when he was with the woman he loved so dearly and stop it right there so that he could understand what actually went wrong. In real life, it only happens in our memories and we cannot do anything but to move on.

In the third film, I think what they are trying to depict is that no matter how curious we are, we should never mess with life and death itself as this will lead to serious consequences that might hunt us for the rest of our lives and even forever.

I think the three films showed some substance and great thoughts to ponder. There are lessons to be learned in every story, which was successfully portrayed by the characters. Although I think only those who have keen eyes for subtle details would understand the concept of this compilation. In general, it was good and quite intriguing and interesting to watch. The tone is serious which makes it even better.


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