Black Ribbon

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An intriguing, and suspenseful tale of horror with its taunting, and captivating pace which unfolds into sheer terror.

Release Date: 28 September 2007 (USA)

Director: John Orrichio

Writer: John Orrichio

Cast: Tony Rugnetta, Jacki Vogel, Rudy J. Altenor

Country: USA

Language: English

Black ribbon has a new and interesting premise. Majorly successful writer Keith has decided to move to the country for the peace and quiet he needs to concentrate and so he and his wife take up residence in a nice rural house overlooked by nothing but sheep. While doing his best to avoid writing (the curse of all scribes), Keith buys himself an ancient typewriter from the internet, the only one left of it’s kind. Unfortunately, it’s unique in more ways than one, having originally been owned by a noted Satanist who still haunts the machine. It’s malign influence slowly starts to turn Keith into a maniac, capable of committing the most horrible and evil atrocities. Shame he brought his wife to the country with him.

So far so good but there’s a lot to laugh openly at in Black Ribbon. For a start, the performance of Tony Rugnetta as Keith Richardson, the tortured writer. To convincingly act possession is a skill that many actors have but alas, Tony is not one of them. It’s possible he would win a traditional gurning contest though. The relationship between Keith and his wife is never played convincingly and seems rather forced. The script is as full of holes as a fine Swiss Cheese and there is a general air of carelessness about the production which brings the whole thing down. A shame because the premise could have been made into so much more.

Black Ribbon

Black Ribbon

The film is hilarious for all the wrong reasons, avoiding even becoming parody except of itself and the cast can visibly be seen toiling with the leaden scripting. Keith himself is unfortunately a completely unlike able character, rude, arrogant and controlling so when he is possessed the audience’s reaction is to say “so what?”. A fatal flaw that should have been caught at the script editing stage…if the movie had a script editing stage. In fact so many of the film’s problems stem from the script that there isn’t really much that either actors or crew could have done to rescue it.

The direction is as unfortunately uninspired as the script, and at times full of cliché which help towards the film’s unintentional hilarity. The soundtrack isn’t bad, I’ll admit that but it’s very clumsily hacked into the movie. However, there’s worse than this out there and there are a few moments of horror that are worth waiting for so if you have nothing better to do , give it a go.


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