Black Sabbath

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Horror tales of a woman, a Russian count and a nurse.

Original Title: I tre volti della paura

Release Date: 6 May 1964 (USA)

Director: Mario Bava

Writer: Mario Bava, Alberto Bevilacqua

Cast: Michèle Mercier, Lidia Alfonsi, Boris Karloff, Mark Damon

Country: Italy, UK, France

Language: Italian

Anyone who enjoys a good horror movie will defiantly want to check out Black Sabbath. Not only is Black Sabbath a great horror movie, but it is actually three different short movies. The great thing about Black Sabbath being three different short movies is that each of the movies is condensed; viewers don’t have to worry about long drawn out plots, an overabundance of back story, or miscellaneous and expendable characters. Each different section of Black Sabbath is a thrilling tale that gets right into the action and puts the viewer right on the edge of their seat.

In The Telephone a prisoner escapes, and promptly places a call to a lovely young woman who happens to be a call girl. Before his incarceration the prisoner was the girl’s, Rosy, pimp. It turns out that the whole reason he made his bid for freedom was so he could have the pleasure of terrorizing her. Knowing what her former pimp is capable of, Rosy calls a lesbian ex-lover for help. For a short period it appears that the call was a fake, a cruel joke set up by Rosy’s lesbian ex-lover, but then there is a plot twist and things start to get interesting. The call girl, Rosy, is played by Michele Mercier. Lydia Alfonse plays the former lesbian lover.

The second movie in the Black Sabbath collection is called The Wurdalak. This feature starts when a young and not to smart nobleman, Vladimir Durfe, removes a dagger that has been thrust through the heart of a decapitated corpse. He thinks the dagger will make an excellent souvenir. Durfe stops at a secluded cottage for the night. Hanging on the wall of the cottage is a wall of daggers, on dagger is missing. The owners of the cottage are a closely knit family who are waiting for the return of their father, who is hunting the wurdalak (vampire). As soon as the father arrives, the family knows that something has gone terribly wrong. The family is forced to decide if they should kill their father before he becomes a vampire or if they should hope for the best. The Wurdalak stars Susy Anderson, Glauco Onorato, Massimo Righi, Rika Dialina, and Boris Karloff.

The final film is the story of a nurse and is set in London during the Victorian era. This chapter of Black Sabbath is called The Drop of Water. The main character is a nurse who steals a ring from a patient after the patient dies. The problem is that while alive the patient was a medium. As the nurse prepares the body for burial, she is bothered by a pesky fly that won’t leave her alone. The fly continues to disturb her even after the thieving nurse has returned home. In addition to the bothersome fly, the nurse is hounded by the sound of dripping water and the image of the dead medium. The stars of The Drop of Water include Jacqueline Pierreus, Harriet White Medin, and Gustavo de Nardo.

Black Sabbath is the creation of director Mario Bava. It is an Italian film with Italian dialog. The Italian version of Black Sabbath is a great deal gorier than the American version of the same movie. Quentin Taratino claims that Black Sabbath was the inspiration for his classic Pulp Fiction.


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