Day of the Triffids

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Almost entire population goes blind while watching a shower of meteorites.

Release Date: 27 April 1963 (USA)

Director: Steve Sekely, Freddie Francis

Writer: Bernard Gordon, Philip Yordan

Cast: Nicole Maurey, Howard Keel, Janette Scott

Country: UK

Language: English

Science fiction movies have always been something that was either liked or disliked by the general public. With a much defined niche, the science fiction genre is one where many different cults are born. The TV to big screen adaptation of The Day of the Triffids is no different. Starting out as a 1950’s series, then into a BBC movie production in 1962, The Day of the Triffids has been able to string along a few successes for its fans to enjoy.

The movie itself is based upon the John Wyndham dearly loved novel of the same name. The 2009 miniseries brought the story into a new world of viewers with better visuals, technology, and effects. The story itself is one that many people will liken to many of the old science fiction stories of The Blob and several other farfetched stories of space aliens taking over the earth. However, this time the aliens are plants that walk.

Eddie Izzard, a British comedian who has starred in both dramatic and comedic roles, steals the series with his portrayal of the sinister Torrence who is leading his band of rabbles in their quest of survival. Also included within this newest TV adaptation of the science fiction novel are the talents of Joely Richardson as Jo Playton, Dougray Scott as Bill Masen, Vanessa Redgrave as Durrant, and Jason Priestley as Coker. Each one adds their own style to the characters which shows a true fight for survival.

The main story, while fairly farfetched in the scope of imaginative reality is also one that can catapult your mind into a place where you forget about the different things going on in your life. The plot of the movie is pretty basis enough. When a meteor shower hits the earth many people are blinded by it, but not all. This leaves a band of humans left to fight off the hordes of walking, purple plants. These Triffids are let loose on a new type of apocalyptic world where factions fight each other over what is left of the world they know. With so many blinded by the meteor shower, the fight is not only against the Triffids. The fight also turns to the streets among people and the warlords, the gangs, and the renegades.

When the opportunity arises to watch these classic science fiction movies, especially those that have been adapted from a bestselling novel, it should be taken. Day of the Triffids follows in the footsteps of War of the Worlds, The Blob, It Came from Outer Space, and This Island Earth. Great acting is the stronghold of this movie is the performances of Scott, Izzard, Richardson, and Priestley in their struggle against humanity and alien. However, possibly the strongest acclaim the movie has is the way that is stays very closely within the confines of the Wyndham novel. If you have read the book, you will find yourself enjoying this movie. If you haven’t read the book, you will be looking for a copy shortly after. With thrilling moments, suspenseful action, and science fiction imagination, movie watchers will find themselves taken into the events and having a slightly elevated heart rate.


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