Ghoul School

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Enter into the world of splatter, indie horror film directed by Timothy O’Rawe full with sex, babes and rock ‘n roll.

Release Date: 1990

Director: Timothy O'Rawe

Cast: Joe Franklin, William Friedman, Scott Gordon

Country: USA

Language: English

There is something so impressive about indie horror flicks. No matter how little money is available to finish the film, the production is able to make do with it and maximize the money’s worth.

That’s exactly what you will realize upon seeing the film Ghoul School. This is an entertaining, scary take on the life within a high school that got invaded by ordinary people turned into aliens.

The aliens in question are produced by two perverted hooligans who accidentally let loose some chemicals into a high school’s water supply. Naturally, it was the school’s swimming team that first got infected by the chemicals and turned into unbecoming individuals, scaring the hell out of the coaches first then the rest of the school next.

Ghoul School

Ghoul School

It was the bravery of a group of nerds who are obsessed with freaky tales that try to put a stop to the mutants. But everyone knew from the start that the task is not as easy as it seems.

Ghoul School may have a very simple story as a background. Then again, that simple story has been manipulated enough to provide the necessary screams and thrills that every horror movie is expected to.

The scenes of fright include a shot of a swimming coach’s insides, pools of blood, and whatnots. It is a complete package of gore, fright, and some really bloody details. This is not something to watch when you have something at hand to munch on. Then again, you would not do that if you intend to be frightened to the highest level, right? You know exactly that horror movie is equivalent with icky details.

The special effects may not be outstanding as with those movies working on a multi-million dollar budgets. But they are fairly good enough to bring about the main intentions of the film, which is to send you screaming, disturbed and uneasy all throughout the 72-minute duration.

Aside from that, there’s the amazing musical feature of a heavy metal band within the freaky tale of Ghoul School. They band is aptly called the Blood Sucking Ghouls and it is called in to play at the school’s dance. The music style, the band’s exhibitions with instruments, and its uncanny performance will stick it out to you even after the film is through.

Ghoul School is a fairly good watch. If you are looking for something frightening, something that will make your skin hairs up, and something that will make you scream all throughout, this is something to dig out for. Ghoul School is a complete package of a horror movie. It is filled with gore, with bloodbaths, plus, an addition of a music feature.

Ghoul School is directed by Timothy O’Rawe. It stars Joe Franklin, William Friedman, Scott Gordon, Paul Venier, and Nancy Sirianni among others.


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