The Last House On The Left

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A gang of prison escapee finds refuse at a vacation house and carries out revenge.

Release Date: 13 March 2009 (USA)

Director: Dennis Iliadis

Writer: Adam Alleca (screenplay), Carl Ellsworth

Cast: Garret Dillahunt, Monica Potter, Tony Goldwyn

Country: USA

Language: English

Directed by Wes Craven, The Last House on the Left is a most horrifying film of gore and sadistic violence that is sometimes so appalling that you just cannot believe that one can go to such extremities. Craven had wanted to make a film that showed the atrocities of human sadism in its realistic manner to flip open a page in human nature that could stoop to such low behaviour. The film had shocked the moviegoer when it was released in 1972, as then people had not been exposed to such extreme sexual exploits and psychotic human behaviour. The film completely stuns your brain as the horrors are revealed and you reach a point in time when your stomach begins to squirm within, making you want to turn your head away and see no more of it.

The film begins on a simple note with two young teenage girls going to the city to see a concert. It is Mari Collingwood’s (Sandra Cassel) seventeenth birthday and while her parents prepare for a celebration the teenager decides to go into the city to watch a concert with her friend Phyllis (Lucy Grantham). A mile away from home they decide to stop off for some grass, which is the biggest mistake that they make because from here begins their excruciating ordeal that will not only shake the victims, but be equally shattering for us to watch what happens the next fifteen minutes. The girls are kidnapped by a runaway gang of thieves and murderers, a gang that knows no ethics nor do they show any morality as they put their violence to practice.

The Last House On The Left

The Last House On The Left

The leader of the gang Krug (David Hess) is a ruthless murderer, callous, merciless with no ethics whatsoever. He is accompanied by his partner in crime, Weasel (Fred Lincoln), the repulsive Sadie (Jeramie Rain) who is also a bisexual and Junior (Marc Sheffler) Krug’s son. Krug sends off Junior to get hold of a couple of girls and the kidnapped girls happen to be Mari and Phillis. The young girls go through fifteen minutes of hell before they are finally killed to die a slow and painful death. Sadism could not have gone any further than what we experience in the next few minutes, which include, torture, rape, gore, blood, disembowelment and finally blood-bathed killing. However, Wes Craven does not go overboard with the atrocities, not prolonging the scenes to a stage of extreme repulsion.

Craven also shows regret in the eyes of the assaulters as they realize that they have gone too far this time. Most regretful is Krug’s son Junior. The second half of the films finds the gang outside Mari’s house where their car happens to break down. They are invited in by Mari’s parents, who are by now worried about their daughter’s whereabouts. Already filled with remorse at what they have done, the four put up a very polite show in front of Mari’s parents. However, Mari’s father accidentally discovers his daughter’s stolen locket in their baggage along with some of her blood soaked garments. Collingwood takes upon himself to avenge his daughter’s murder and he brutality kills the four in yet another gory display of bloodshed.

Although the film is horrifying, it does not get to the brink of hatred, but it leaves you to ponder upon the truths of human psychology and how it can be at its worst. It is a movie that will shake you inside out, but you come out with a mixed feeling of shock as well as sympathy for both the victims and their aggressors.


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