The Red Skulls

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If there is another thing that human race can be famous for other than our unceasing thirst for freedom, it is our unnatural craving for violence.

Release Date: 7 May 2005 (USA)

Director: Andrew Campbell, Lucas Campbell

Writer: Andrew Campbell, Lucas Campbell

Cast: Ashleigh Holeman, Laura Robbins, Jen Meissner, Luke Campbell, Ryan Maille

Country: USA

Language: English

Riots, abuses and killings are mere examples of how we satisfy the wild beast. And for the ones with the drive but overtaken by fear, other forms are made available – video games, movies, and sports. No wonder why these industries effortlessly earn millions of dollars. All thanks to violence – a deadly sin yet a high human tendency. Fortunately, the 7th circle of hell is way beyond human reasoning or else they could have been financially-ruined businesses.

If you are hooked into movies full of violence, “The Red Skulls” by Andrew and Lucas Campbell (directors) is just the right one for you. Other than the goriness, its horror genre intensifies the thrill. The film being a low-budget one must be considered, however, when watching it. The effects and the graphics are expected to be not as good as mainstream or quality horror films. But judging it side by side with other low-budget horror films, it can be said that the movie is overall entertaining. It is rare to see a film filled with violence, horror and humor altogether.

What’s good with the story is that teens can easily relate to it. The movie revolves around the most dangerous and dominant gang in the city of Bronston, named The Red Skulls. Uri (Lucas Campbell), the leader of the gang, wanted to abandon his position and move to another place after finding his best friend chopped into pieces by another street gang. But expected as it is, leaving the group can never be that easy. Lester (Chuck Cieslik), a member, planned to bait Uri back. What he didn’t know was another treasonous member planned to trap him. And the goriness and the violence reached its climax when Uri found out that their rival was no ordinary street gang, but mutated flesh-hungry murderers. Friendship, loyalty, betrayal, rivalry – these are some of the things that most concern youngsters. With the addition of throat slashes, blood spills, and fight scenes, the plot may not qualify as extraordinary but totally interesting.

Compared with other low-budget horror films, the movie stands out in technicality and special effects. The musical scoring is also excellent. The movie is full of graphic brutal scenes, especially in the latter half. The company, Speed Freak Productions, must be credited for taking a big leap in terms of the quality of movies they produce. Also, the script made by Andrew and Lucas Campbell, and Cory Maidens was pretty good. The dialogues, though designed for adult audiences, were humorous. The loose acting made by some characters was very minimal.

Overall, the movie is truly worth watching. It offers a new light to horror movies and a new taste for horror movie fans out there. No wonder why it survived its genre despite the presence of numerous rival films available in the market. Its uniqueness effortlessly captured the public eye.


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