The Shiftling

Horror Jun 11, 2010 No comments

A parasitic creature able to inhabit and manipulate people hunts the last person on Earth who knows of the creature’s existence.

Release Date: May 2008 (USA)

Director: Taegen Carter

Writer: Taegen Carter

Cast: Justin Davanzo, Stephanie Katz, P. David Miller

Country: USA

Language: English

The Shiftling, released in 2008, centers around a half-human half-parasite creature able to manipulate human minds and bent on utter destruction. With overtones similar to other movies in its genre and class, the memorable aspect of this film is definitely the suspense and special effects alongside themes of control. Sometimes less is more, and the scenes before the action are sometimes just as exciting, if not more exciting, than when the “Shiftling” is actually seen full on. To achieve this effect, the film masterfully mixes perfectly suited music to a well thought out cast of actors and scenery.

Featuring dessert scenes with many shades of light and dark brown sand, the film should be viewed from the perspective of suspense and adrenaline as the Shiftling conducts a hunt for the last person on earth who knows that it exists. Add to this a certain relic and powers that might have a chance of controlling this beast, and all bets are off as to what will happen in the end. Think Star Ship Trooper surroundings with Bruce Willis fire power.

Themes throughout the film revolve primarily around those of control and being controlled, with a small group of seeming mercenaries moving toward total control of the parasitic creature and perhaps the world. And yet there is love, and honor mixed in that only works to complicate and foil many plans throughout.

Starring Justin Davanzo, P. David Miller, Adrian Colon, and Stephanie Katz, the film was directed by Taegen Carter and is well-directed so as to really bring the rushes of adrenaline. The audience is left guessing as to what moment the parasitic creature is going to inhabit its next victim and trick the group into certain death. It isn’t easy in the modern age to surprise and frighten a film going audience, but the director Taegen Carter goes beyond what most movies are capable of doing and brings to the theatre a fully operational terror machine that can surprise, frighten, and impress all in the same scene.

What exactly the Shiftling is, no one is precisely sure, and yet this fact does not even matter as the plot moves on, since themes throughout the film do not hinge on the details of the relic or the evil creature, but on control and being controlled. Anyone interested in a quick boost to their adrenaline, or master-slave complexes should see this film and tell their friends about it.


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