The Contract

Thriller Nov 10, 2011 No comments

Enjoyable and tense thriller with two great leads and some questions to ask.

Release Date: October 9, 2006

Director: Bruce Beresford

Cast: John Cusack, Morgan Freeman and Jamie Anderson

Country: USA

Language: English

Another in the ling established and seemingly never ending genre of  “former policeman with offspring issues” movies, this 2006 movie from director Bruce Beresford.

This time the ex cop with problems is Ray Keene, a man who is having tremendous difficulty in building the relationship between himself and his son. So like the true American Dad he is, he plans to take his son off into the word for a male bonding camping trip. However things go wrong when during the trip, they encounter an hit man named Cordell who is escaping justice. Keene holds the hit man at gunpoint but since he cannot call for back up, he and his son must somehow get the criminal back into custody. However the hit man has friends and they are determined to get him back, as well so the chase is on through the forest and Keen has to call upon all of his resources to save his son and see that justice is served on a hit man who appears to have some kind of conscience.

There is an awful lot to like about this movie, not least of which being that it brings together John Cusack and Morgan Freeman as Keene and Cordell respectively. Both of course are excellent and both have interesting characters to play which is probably what attracted them to the script in the first place. Of the two, Freeman gets more of a role to really get his teeth into though, presenting Cordell as a complex character with a lot going on beneath the surface. The script plays with this and raises some morally complex questions, and it is difficult to remember sometimes that Freeman is actually playing the so called “baddie”. However, he gets plenty of opportunity to remind us why exactly Cordell has been such a success in his chosen profession, making for a very satisfying character arc.

The dialogue is more sparkling than the action scenes but these are also well handled, just at times seeming to interrupt the fine performances from the two leads. Extremely enjoyable thriller, well worth a look.


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